Surimi - meat or fish.

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Surimi - meat or fish.

Post by Dreamweaver » 27 Mar 2018, 16:36

Kamaboko is made from fish Surimi.
Red (Pink)-skinned and white kamaboko are typically served at celebratory and holiday meals, as red and white are considered to bring good luck. Kamaboko is flexible in texture so it is often cut into different decorative shapes and designs.

I’ll show you how to make seven beautiful kamaboko decorations, from easy to slightly difficult. Each design has special meaning that is appropriately auspicious for the New Year.
Take a look in here first. ... fish-cake/

Surimi is made from cheap but lean cuts of any meats or fish, minced and pulverised into a paste, flavoured to your taste, formed into a large variety of foods. You can make your own, or for fish surimi just buy sea-food extender, which I'm told here in Australia contains more NZ hoki than anything.
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