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Free Basics

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Facebook has a raft of projects that are aimed at increasing internet access worldwide, particularly in developing regions such as Asia, Africa and Latin America. The drone projects may be its boldest, they are aimed at bringing connectivity to remote areas, but it has also used software and existing infrastructure to try to make internet access more affordable.

That has included the controversial project, which was outlawed in India because it violated net neutrality by selecting the websites and apps that could be used. Since renamed to Free Basics — likely promoted by the Indian setback — it has been scaled back in some markets but, still, Facebook said last year that the program has reached nearly 100 million people to date. Beyond that top line number, little is known about the service, which also includes paid tiers for users.

That aside, the company also has a public-private WiFi program aimed at increasing hotspots for internet users while they are out and about ... t-program/
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Re: Free Basics

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Sorry DW, but every time I hear or see Facebook, I get sick in the tummy.
It may seem to be the best used program on the web but it is also the gateway to most hacks on the web.
Once your personal details have been compromised, and Facebook is the hotspot, you won't sleep soundly again ever.

The program that is called Free Basic sounds a great idea and seems to work well, but what about the costs?
I don't mean monetary costs but rather the costs of social disasters to those in developing countries where just living
is a daily tightrope walk.

I am very scared of people like Zuckerberg, they usually base their ideas on the greed factor only!

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